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About us:





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As Native farmers in Jinxiang China, we produced 70% of garlic in the world and started to export garlic worldwide since 1980s, but most of them are re-exported through Hong Kong. The garlic price is still controlled by re-exporters and garlic dealers outside Jinxiang. We only make less than 15% of the total profit.


Today we learn the lesson; we registered our own trade-mark of “Jinxiang”. We are looking forward to doing business directly with our worldwide customers.



Our products have awarded HACCP & Global GAP Certificates.


Global GAP No: 00019-NNFLT-0002

HACCP No: 10509NI0038R1S



Royal (Jinxiang) Garlic Co., Ltd has become a leading professional exporter and supplier of Chinese fresh garlic. Our factory, farm and warehouses are present located in Jinxiang which is Garlic Capital of China. All of our products are grown up by us in Jinxiang. To ensure the quality, we never accept any raw material outside our own farm.




As a Canadian-associated company in China, Our marketing office locate in Montreal QC Canada
Our marketing office has been corporate as Royal (Jinxiang) Garlic Co., Ltd with the government of Canada.


Our company has already applied the trademark of "Jinxiang" and its design in both US & Canada.
The application number in Canada is "1512606"
We also have the goodwill of domain names such as:

The president of Royal Garlic Co. Ltd, Mr. Zhang immigrated to Canada in 2001. He has been a Canadian citizen for 9 years and resident in Montreal at present.

Our company has over 22 warehouse coolers with a total capacity over 12,000 tons, and our processing factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters.
We own a farm of 16,000 acres in the same time. Our company has operated all kinds of agriculture products, especially pure white garlic, red garlic, gingers, and onions.



Our main products include: 

  1.  Garlic in small package, sorting to 100g, 200, 300g, 500g, 1,000g
  2.  Garlic in big package, sorting to 5kg, 10kg/ctn, 20kg/net bag
  3.  Other agricultural by products: gingers, onions, peanuts, apples, pears and all kinds of fruits

With our own cold storage and processing factory, we have rich experience in processing, collecting, cold storage, transporting, and exporting. Our company has exported garlic for many years, and we control quality in a strict way. So we are confident in providing competitive quality and price.
  Every year we export garlic to more than 66 foreign countries such as Netherlands, Italy, Dubai, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Canada, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. The motto of our company is "Quality First, Credit First".

We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to create a splendid future together!

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